I had the best doula, ever!!! She was amazing!  I chose you because I wanted to experience natural labor and birth. Even though things didn't go exactly as planned, I got to make all my own decisions and when I melted down, you kept me sane.  Thank you!!!

I'm so glad we got a doula and I'm so glad it was Angie. :) She has an amazing and energetic vibe about her that really helped me through. She helped me to be strong and believe in my abilities when I started doubting myself at 4 cm dilation. She gave me plenty of praise and encouragement.

I feel I couldn't have done this without Angie. Even when my entire birth plan changed, she was very supportive and stuck by me almost my entire entire 3 day labor. She also gave me a wonderful photo CD of my labor and delivery. Priceless moments! Thanks Angie!  

Your support made a huge difference in my labor.  

I always enjoy having a doula during deliveries and today only further strengthened that.  Angela was so helpful and did a wonderful job putting the patient at ease and encouraging her along the birthing process.  
  -Stacie, R.N.

Angie was an amazing part of my birth experience! She helped me stay focused and calm and I don't know if I could have done it without her. She knew what I needed every step of the labor process and was able to give it to me. With her help and The Bradley Method techniques, I was able to achieve my ultimate goal of an all natural, VBAC. I can't say enough good things about her! Thank you again for being a part of the birth of our son and helping to bring him into the world.  
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