Operation Special Delivery 

Operation Special Delivery (or OSD), provides trained volunteer doulas for pregnant women whose husbands or partners have been severely injured or who have lost their lives due to the current war on terror, or who will be deployed , or unable to attend the birth due to military reasons. The doulas that are volunteering are doing so at a pro bono (free) rate, and are doing so by their own discretion. 

I have chosen to volunteer for this amazing program in order to support moms in the military. A woman should never be without support when in labor or during the early postpartum period, and I feel honored to provide that support if at all possible.  

If you are an expecting mother or a new mother with a spouse who cannot be there for your birth or postpartum time, please check Doulas.com for information on being provided a birth or postpartum doula.  A doula is not a replacement for your partner, but we can make your experience a more positive, rewarding and empowering one.  
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