Welcome to Your Loving Birth!

***NOT CURRENTLY TAKING CLIENTS*** I'm Angie Lowell (doula) and I'm here to support you and your family in the birth of your dreams. Every pregnant woman should have the opportunity to birth in a manner of her choosing which is in line with what is right for her body, mind and spirit. Whether you are planning a birth in a hospital, a birth center or at home, I'm here for you: to inform you, comfort you, massage you and so much more. I can help you determine when to leave for your birthing place (if you're traveling). I can reassure you in the normality of the process of labor and also help you to understand when things are not going as they should. I can help you love your birth. Currently located near the Twin Cities in Minnesota.
I'm not currently taking clients due to our recent move and the needs of my family. However if you would like to talk about your birthing and postpartum options, I welcome you to call or email, and help you to find what will work best for you.
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